What’s Cooking: Chef Nti – My Modern African Kitchen

When I ordered this specific cook book, it was for nothing more than to fill my Yuppie chef cart with items that I may never purchase on a normal day’s shopping. The idea was to get something I can say I have but never open a page thereof, moes I am a Jozi girl so esthetics kalokhu! As part of the Le Creuset stockvel group, I have committed to buying luxury accessories instead of pots and the group has indulged me.

Chef Nti
       Chef Nti’s cook Book

Filled with wholesome meals that are created using everyday ingredients to create exquisite meals, Chef Nti’s book proved to be a little more than your average cook book. The language used accommodates everyone with basic Chef jargon, it seemed she was trying to capture the up an coming cook who is just ready to start incorporating more than  starch and stew to their diet without breaking the bank. Her recipes make it easy for those of us who always ask “can I replace the pot with a skillet” as everything just makes sense.

Cute chf
                      Chef Nti

We recently commented on maize rice on TOLAH and those who had eaten it in the past were happy to leave it just there, I mentioned possibly trying it risotto style. What a moment it was for me to come across this recipe in Chef Nti’s book. I was very impressed as well that her recipes leave the meal with flavor instead of requiring you to use an entire farm of spices in just one dish. She had me at green apple phuthu salad, beloveds. However this was before I came across the pap squares. All I need now is an event where I am required to bring a dish, I will bring several!

Phuthu Salad
Green Apple Phuthu salad

I have made a few items from the recipe book and look forward to making more. Going through the recipes felt amazing, I kept exclaiming WOW! because the recipes almost ignite a light bulb moment of “But why was this not a thing before”. I have made the green tea iced tea as well as the cucumber water (without the syrup, I added blueberry reduction made from scratch!)

Green Tea
                Iced Tea

I also found so amazing that she incorporated some of her friend’s recipes in the book as well as adding some editorial images of herself throughout the book! Each chapter is carefully put together with a story/motive behind the recipes. I only ever so her briefly on TV but it was not enough for me to take this much notice of her craft. NOW? I’m sold!


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          2. I have a ghost account that I use to keep myself updated… my real acc was deactivated many moons ago..

        1. at least with furniture you can buy because she offers a different look or whatever but with those glasses and watches I always think people can get these at a chinese shop for cheap

          1. but the shade business is moving .so are the watches… even with furniture we steal design and go to the Zimbabweans …. the other day her sister bought some akere she bought a new house

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      1. My palate is well versed but this, kodwa who knows? maybe you will make it some time and I shall taste it.

        1. not me, Lume.

          I only cook for 1 boy and even him he eats close to nothing. He just finished a bowl of pasta with just salt.

  8. So since we live in these new days where gender definition has become a great topic, I thought I should share a gender neutral guide. Thank me later

    Fireman – Firefighter
    Policeman – Police fighter
    Mailman – Mailfighter
    Fisherman – Fisherfighter
    Gentleman – Gentlefighter

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  11. Is pasta/spaghetti treated like Steak? Like you can chose how well cooked it should be? I keep hearing it needs to be had al dente, yet mina I love it well cooked and very soft 🙁

    1. How very soft are we talking here? Am I the only one with a huge problem with Woolies house brand pasta, I find it thick and ayivuthwa. It’s always tough even after cooking for the recommended time.

        1. Nyakomtsha DiBongs! Kuningi oku wrong pha, my biggest regret of 2020 is buying their fake aromat all because I was to lazy to walk an extra 30m to Checkers.

  12. Im so happy for this step. cause wow, this life in covid times, less happiness, less good vibes. soar on QT
    Dumelang bo love

  13. Let me read….I want to learn to make Sea food this year.i LOVE IT BUT NOT GOOD AT MAKING IT

    1. Copycat ocean basket lemon butter sauce
      150g Rama (not butter or any other brand)
      250ml Fresh Cream
      4 tablespoon Lemon juice
      Lots of Aromat
      Portuguese spice
      Boil all of this together in a pot and throw over your seafood. I love to soak that yellow tumeric rice in this,

  14. uAnele has this energy sabu bad. Even when she wants to make a point she always sounds so rude and violent. Even her sister is like that. Not the type to debate with at all

    1. Mina I’ve picked up condescending voice ku Mama ka Kairo, I have been checking her IG live ntoz unayo indawo ephakamile there’s something off nje ngaye that is high classy vibe…

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    2. totally. i think most SA celebes in general.. they have an uppity thing about them also cause there are no real consequences to any of their actions

    1. I do ,i didn’t like last weeks episode. What if you don’t believe in Madlozi,cleansing and stuff.

      I dont know what Makgabo really wants

      1. Makgabo is over Mpho. Did you hear her when she said all Mpho brings to the table is s**? Makaphume pha akasafuni

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        1. Yes it is.
          Kintsugi sana wazi neKwelerana? That’s my lali.

          Zizo ezi Sweetmuntu. Nonkcampa, Pirie Mission, Tshatshu,Quzini….

  16. Dzumelang. It’s so pretty in here and the standard of the write up is leyvels nje. Kudos QT !!!

    1. Had a chat with the Dr this morning re the vaccine, especially my view that it came to quickly. He said not really- COVID is a variant of the SARS 1 which has a vaccine so in the last 8-9 months scientists have been tweaking the existing vaccine to suit C-19.

        1. Yip, bearing in mind that we keep discovering new things about this variant everyday.

        1. Hay bendingafuni advice, for now I’m firm in waiting a bit before getting my shot. I was more concerned about the sudden magic ability to whip up a vaccine overnight. There’s a lot I don’t trust.

          1. Fair enough, ingathi bayesaba abeze mpilo to educate or to say anything about the vaccine… you are right when you say there is a lot that are not telling us

          2. Truth is nabo abayazi ncam, but seem to have enough faith in science to support a mass rollout.

        1. kodwa ebeza kuthini DD … when Zuma was a president ThumaMina used to seat in his corner and say nothing …. so when its DD its a problem?

  17. So P Diddy is said to be bisexual. According to sources bathi these mansion parties he hosts kuke kube khona ama-orgies with men. There are numerous accounts of these things. Ngivedane ngicabange u Black Coffee ngoba emukhonze kanje u Diddy.

    1. hahahaha kudala wabikwa ngobu Bi moos Diddy… and your right BC loves that man, I am ufuna network, his circle is richy richy

    2. Men are opening up about the fact that humans are complex beings; and when you have seen someone beautiful and attractive, you can negotiate whether it is possible to be involved in something romantic with them or not. Or if it can just be about intimacy with no attachments.

      Whether the person identifies as a man, woman, trans, and and and, ayibalulekanga.

      We make a big deal out of sexuality. Hence nisothuka.

      You’d be surprised how many of your celebs and powerful politicians engage in romantic associations with people that are not of the opposite sex (and/ or gender).

      1. Honestly I don’t get the fascination with who people choose to sleep with when we have so many bigger problems to worry about. Also, I have this very strong (also very unfounded) belief that homosexuality and “fluid” sexuality is something that has been with us as human beings for a long long time until religion came and made up new rules. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I google sexuality in ancient civilizations and find that homosexuality was norm in ancient Greece, I haven’t found anything on African sexual history though. It would be interesting.

        1. In Zulu culture they call it ukusoma, niggas do this when they herding cattle, put between the thighs. The Greeks and the Romans it was a norm.

          1. Interesting, I thought ukusoma was when they do the thigh rub to avoid breaking virginity. Kahke kahle, yinto yethu into yoba indiscriminate about how and with whom we chose to get off. All this modern hoohaa is unnecessary.

          2. I thought that “ukusoma” that people could talk openly talk about was only whereby it is a cis heterosexual man humping on the thighs of a cis het woman, and this was done to avoid having sex before they are officially married.

        2. Yes indeed.
          Homosexuality is part of human nature, as much as Heterosexuality is.
          Its just that as Africans, we hardly document our work. We tell our stories to our children and amongst ourselves.

          When I was in high school, I used to listen to Umhlobo Wenene’s 12 down: an adult content show that used to play from 1 -4 am, and there were old married people who told their experiences of engaging in romantic associations with people of the same sex. Most of them were women. Men never came out. And I wondered why.

      2. We make a big deal because it’s still a secret to the people that do it. Had they be more open then I would not be shocked if my husband say he likes boys.

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