Music Friday: SAMAs

Entries for the 27th SAMA awards are now open and artists are encouraged to submit their entries before the closing date, 31 January 2021.The requirement for one to enter their music is not just to have a popular hit or radio play of their art, but one to have good music. Judging is done by an independent panel in a secretive manner to avoid collision.

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Speaking to The Journalist DJ, Former journalist, Leslie Mofokeng, who is not the awards’ spokesperson says that they have relooked the best Gqom/Kwaito/Amapiano album and have now separated the genres, ending with an award per category instead of just 1 award for all 3 categories.

The awards had to adjust to the new norms in 2020, where the event was spread over a number of days in line with COVID regulations. This year will not be mush different as the awards are likely to be virtual with a limited number of people at a streaming venue to administrate the show from.

Do you have a favorite artist that you wish to see at the awards?

Do you guys follow the awards? Does a person being an award winner make you want to listen to them or you remain indifferent and loyal to your favorite genres and artists?

Happy Friday!

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  1. Ramaphosa signs a new bill on funding political parties, wonder how does that work? I just saw that now political parties must disclose their sponsors amongst other things.

    I was hoping he can sign the bill for the SA Entertainment industry also. So SAns are having a problem with Rupert going overseas to vaccine and that time they said they wont take the vaccine, kanti what do we want?

    1. aaai these bills that seem to never materialize.
      Also people like group assignments on important things haaibo

      1. but this one for political party is aimed at some parties you can see… mmhhh kusazo shuba

    2. people on twitter like making noise. I just don’t take them serious, some of them banomona ukuthi they can’t afford impilo yabanye

          1. I’m shy šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
            Just checked Busiswaaaa soooo fierce man šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

          2. It’s private angithi šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

            I kid, I don’t have the moves to bussit

        1. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ ngeke sazi phela ngoba undifumene apha. Ndiphunga lona ngok

      1. hhahahaha abasadiki nje, Nana is it possible to go back to Anything goes on Fridays?

        1. I think most posts become anything goes yazi. Let’s just post our 2020 PhotoDump lover

          1. Lapho we are always in doors with our tights.. yaze yasenza icovid bethuna.. naza impahla wardrobe zigcwele dololo umntu unxiba skipper no tight andisathethi nge makeup..

          2. I feel you. This will soon be over or we’ll learn to navigate through life with its presence. I’m buying heels and revamping my wardrobe shem, can’t stop…won’t stop.

        2. We never had anything goes. that was a different blog!

          but anything literally goes daily, you guys don’t kheredem unless there are many typos

  2. D for Dzumelang Bagaetsho!

    Ku-busy ii-reports zika-2020 zifunwa apha isidudu!

    The secret to knowing so much local music (and this applies to international as well) is to study the list of nominated artists for SAMAs, Metro FM Awards and other Big Awards Ceremonies nominee lists.

    I discovered Pilani Bubu through last year’s SAMAs, under “Best African Adult Contemporary Album” category. This category was dominated by Soil Sisters: including abo-Siphokazi, Simphiwe, Camagwini and others.

    I study the lists so well and experiment on new music before the award ceremony starts. Then make my informed preferences, and enjoy the thrill of finding out who the winners are!

      1. That’s not the point. The point is, there are creatives who are producing great music, even if people have Awards fatigue.

        1. Do great creatives need awards to be recognized? since they started introducing this voting thing for awards it took away that thing. Just like amabhinca voted for Khuzani for UKhozi song of the year. One dude told me he spent R600 voting for Khuzani

          1. kiiiiiii Khuzani didn’t get his money. I wonder how much him and Tshatha spent on voting

          2. Akame, we knew it was going to win. I hate how they taken the suprise out of the new years song. Do not get me wrong I love lengoma “Ijele” kodwa hhayi for new years.

          3. mina I only heard last week ukuthi wawina. I was fast asleep nangalowo new year

          4. The only time in my existance was missing it last year. as long as I can remember I have never missed it

  3. I told my nanny that I don’t need her services anymore. My nephew is going to the boarding school, I’m left with my sister and kids. I just want to see my grocery for Feb

    1. How did she take it? Is it cause twins are at school now or she was a burden all along?

    2. and everything else.

      I think other people who are not paying for things in the house don’t have a maximum limit, they just use use use

        1. It’s not just nannies futhi.

          I had my mom and sister and let me tell you something. I have never seen these people use so much of anything in their home

          1. inxaki ilapho ukuthi why are they doing what they don’t do at their houses?
            I was at my inlaws, I was shocked to see my sister in law making 3 eggs at 1 go.

      1. This is my Saturday helper’s last week also. I need every cent I have because the company still has us on cut salaries so nje, remove all extras.

        1. Im doing exactly this and paying off debts. WFH helps coz less petrol and not buying clothes that i dont need

          1. yebo. although I am going back to work daily from the first so this one can go to creche.

            it seemed like a good idea getting a creche close to work but now I am too far cos WFH so will be going to work

          2. Are going back to work because of Creche?Cant you get a Creche closer to home?I prefer Schools closer to home.

    3. I also told mine in December ,did she not perform and said shes going to CCMA :(.Im still waiting for their call,lapho we worked so good together and i gave her December bonus.And prepared her that COVID aint goin anywhere and i was taking baby to Day care 2021

        1. Yes.I felt bad ,I actually kept her longer than i needed to because I know her situation but also had to do what works for me.I no longer needed nor afforded her.I now need a person that comes once a week for Laundry,i work from home

          1. Ive been assisting since lock down coz i dont know how to sit and mind my own.I honestly felt i was paying her for nothing because my baby is now older and independent. I wanted to let her go in September then country open-end and her husband paid lobola for a young thing a street away from their house .She was broken and I felt bad for letting her go while she was gowishing.But i could do a lot with the money I paid her.

          2. You did good, sometimes you need to be honest and put yourself first before anyone.

          3. I check how much you like your phone before hiring shem,i prefer ppl that use these little phones

          4. mine would sit on her phone and expect kids to sit and keep quiet. Lapho we have the yard for children to play. Oh and she loved amandiya on TV thixo

          5. How many times did you catch her before letting her go? this mentality to say “but they need the job” must die because we are all expected to do our job with little distraction.

          6. One month was enough ,my baby was still small and needed attention but muntu was busy with string of WA stories.

          7. I mean kunezinto at work that I know can get me fired if I don’t do them. I make sure ukuthi I do them on time without being reminded

          8. LOL!I honestly always wondered if these people really like our kids? Because i dont always like them kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.Mine was so good with my kids hle played with them ,patient and always in good spirits .Mxm My Mpuse bathong

      1. kiiiiiiiiiii take you to CCMA?? Drama engaka. Mine asked if she can come and stay with us even though she won’t get paid. I was out of words

        1. Its frustration ,it was sad but i also could not keep her.Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii shame man she was happy there.

  4. Abo Pastor baya painelwa… bafuna icawa zivulwe bathi ibhaybhile ithi people must gather together… kanti y’all are not tithing.. LOL

    1. But do people still have money to tithe bandla?I saw on Twitter someone saying they know a Gogo that gives Bushiri R800 from her grant

          1. I remember back in early 2000s my uncle used to bring video cassettes of that Joshua pastor for my folks to watch šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

          2. lapho my husband still believe that Joshua is the only legit laba abanye amaFake kkiiiiiii

          3. neMiracle water ke kiiiii. Lapho they have introduced entsha tht is more effective.

            uthi the church was bombed blah blah. Ngivele ngibhoreke

          1. hhahahahahaha jonga men are the pits… athi marriage is a title. he really wants Koki’s cookie jar….

      1. kodwa naye.

        how does she make such terrible financial decisions emdala?

        khona what is she tithing for at her age?

      1. Phofu they are asked ukuba ba worried ngendaba ye tithe .. bathi their ppl are depositing money so bafuna bayothini ecaweni xa beyikhupha imali.. they can do live streams moos

        1. banamanga angithi they live large. My church was closed last yr March all services are done online, I think pastor is still getting paid as usual

  5. Just saw a tweet about Shekinah’s new album release being postponed to February 2021.
    I wonder why, because this is the best time to release music, when we are calm and are open to new experiences in the comfort of our own homes.

    1. I was listening to him reading his statistics report yooh what a disaster not even a power point kodwa Mbaks unesdina stru

  6. Oh Boy!!!! Siv Ngesi done did the Dress. Watch how famous he will start getting. Dave Chapel, Kurt Williams done spoke about these black Hollywood actors who had to wear dresses in some of the movies they act in.

      1. famous ngakubo maybe but yes also internationally or more famous locally cause I had to google him. But now I shall know him

          1. ku worse now with covid… we are waiting for her radio show with Chamalayne … something like that!

    1. Siv is famous.

      I know it’s not my business kodwa why is he in the closset? He is forever performing stunts

      1. He stays performing stunts…. i think you get judged in that industry or he might be Bi…

          1. hahahaa maybe its his way of getting everyone comfy not that there is a need but that industry is brutal

          2. My friend plays me the theme song, he calls me “peanut butter” so he loves that it’s a twerkable song

    2. Boy oh boy he looked good I must say…. shesssssh! those legs in that stocking even the boobs he nailed it!

  7. Have y’all watched Busiswa’s Documentary on Showmax? Please do and catch some tea there!
    She discusses

    1. Abuse by baby daddy and how this ended.

    2. Being entangled into a Beyonce Project with her best friend, Moonchild Sanelly.

    3. How she grew up struggling, especially after her parents passed away: living with a family member that had intliziyo embi. She was forced to move out, ehamba ehlala eThekwini.

    4. How her teachers saw something special in her, and would encourage her to enter competitions, and represent the school. Busiswa was a smart and creative kid who could recite poems so well.

    5. How she ended up staying with a disabled acquaintance and nursed her back to mobility.
    Whilst she was benefiting by staying for free: they grew so close together in the end, and when Oskido gave her a call to come record a song with her (Busiswa), they both didn’t believe it! But hey, life started looking promising on her side!

    1. I watched after your recommendation yooh she is a strong woman and has grown from strength to strength… She really struggled but she was a clever kid.

        1. yooh kukho lantombi inye wayeyincantywa kuwo onke…LOL I loved his comeback you’d swear he was my friend the way i was cheering for him.. good doccie shame

    1. Happy birthday Sis GšŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰ā™„ļøā™„ļøā™„ļøā™„ļøā™„ļøO gole o gole!!!

  8. The point that we should all get is that there are creatives who are producing great music during this lockdown, even if people have Awards fatigue. I know that many of y’all also suffer from Idols fatigue as well, but we must remember that it will always be one of the platforms that some upcoming musicians use to garner clout and support. The same goes for Beauty Pageants.


      1. What is the model of the question, sir?
        I [mostly] listen to music that is largely created by Black South Africans who sing in their home languages.

        1. So you do not listen to Freshly Ground, 340ML, Jut Jinjer, Gold Fish, Die Antwoord, Locnville? Just to name a few.

          1. Freshly Ground (Zolani writes for them and is the Beyonce), 340ML (only one song, featuring Thandiswa Mazwai – make it happen).

            The others: nope. I don’t actively search for their music. I have probably heared some songs on radio.
            I know of Goldfish and I have not bothered attending any of their Kisternbosch concerts.
            I also know of Die Antwoord through SAMAs (hence my point).

  9. Why are y’all hating on Nandi Madida, the other day she got a gift from Beyonce yini Nala weNkosi bethuna. Mogherl has clocked life

    1. An entire Mama KaShaka ondiphaphela kamnandi bethuna.
      Abazazi abantu ukuba bafunani krkrkrkr

        1. Jonga friend la Bee is something else even to fellow Americans so nje its a dream come through. I will never forget the day they came to SA as a family the way they were so discreet no one took a pic except abo Coffee

          1. Nje!
            Have you watched Busiswa’s Documentary on Showmax? Please do and catch more tea there!

      1. yile ndifuna ukuyiqonda nam, I am sure common fact is Mizi here. So they musst deal mntase Mizi must just settle out of court otherwise no season 2

      1. Real courts will solve this. Not courts of public opinions.
        Otherwise bazodineka when we ask for proof to be provided. The last paragraph is where its at, and it threw me off. Uyaxoka lobhuti.

        Firs t two paragraphs were unnecessary.

      2. there’s none the court will decide, I dont even know what is Legend trying to salvage.. he should have kept quiet

  10. @NoEngen
    I just saw you query ya hotel discount.

    My phone is off now but please send me a whatsapp so I don’t forget

  11. To think Cyril did not want a Mbongi at his innauguration that time Amanda Gorman killed it at Joe Biden’s swearing in.

    1. uyaqala ukubona imbongi ngo Amanda? All the SAn presidents before Cyril had izimbongi nje

  12. My hair lady was busy and accompanied me to the the other hair person who did my hair so nice, it’s free hand and the hair is sleeping flat no stands up…she will be so crushed if she could see me there šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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