Music Friday: Dumza Maswana

Background: Dumza Maswana is a Peddie born award-winning jazz and soul musician, who decided that it was time to return to his home soil to do a live concert performance for his very first DVD production, “Dumza Maswana Live.” The live DVD recording was filmed on the 2nd of June 2018, at The East London Guild Theatre, in the Eastern Cape. He was accompanied by his 10-piece band. The occasion was foregrounded by Dumza’s SAMA-nominated album, titled Molo, which was released in 2016. The album earned Dumza his rightful place in the music industry with some referring to him as “a jazz legend in the making.” The live recording featured music from his two previous albums, Lam and his South African Music Awards and Mzansi Jazz Awards nominated album, Molo. With Dumza’s baritone, his ability to transform emotions through music, his charisma and charm, you are likely to be mesmerised!

Dumza Maswana’s stage presence is never mistaken nor forgotten. He has the gift of sounding both subtle and powerful at the same time, simultaneously restrained and bursting with energy, and this is all evident in the live recording. The crowd was given a real taste of his genre-bending and widespread appeal, in an elegant world class venue. According to Dumza: “The recording is honest, raw and authentic. I didn’t have to fix or add anything, and that for me is liberating. I submitted myself to the truth of the moment (said with confidence). I couldn’t wait for you to see it, also knowing that I have audiences in the whole South Africa and abroad, it could take time before they have their hands on the physical copy, I thought this virtual launch would be a perfect way of showing my fans that I care about [and appreciate] them so much.

Dumza Maswana considers this recording an extension of his album, “Molo” and he also worked with the same team of producers and musicians that recorded it in studio. Dumza is featuring his friends, Titi Luzipo, Kekelingo, Bongani Tulwana and Lwanda Gogwana; and his producers Luyanda Madope (MD) and Gabriel Stuurman are also part of the band. Instrumentalists include Sibusiso Sibanyoni (on Bass), Sam Ibeh (Drums) and Aldert Du Toit (Guitar). His beloved trio on vocals, Thabo Mngomezulu, Sipho ‘Zuko’ Mhlanga and Mile Ciyoni were invited to re-create some of the best moments they had in studio!

Some of the songs that I love from the debut album, besides the song tittle include: Emihle, an ode to her only child, uMafungwashe kaTata; Andikho, a witty song about a man who arrogantly ducks and dives people that he owes monies; and Sombawo (featuring Suthukazi Arosi), a prayer to God.

Dumza is also the winner of Mzantsi Jazz Awards and was nominated for 4 more awards, including the SAMAs. He is also a recipient of a special award from the provincial Department of Arts and Culture (Eastern Cape). The physical copy of the DVD will be available soon: the concert is spread over two discs. The virtual release of the live DVD recording was made available for purchasing via Quicket, until the 17th of January 2021. You can now purchase a USB that has both the live performance audio and video by ordering via e-mail: or WhatsApp 071 001 8366. For bookings, you can e-mail:!