Warm TBT: Traditional foods, Tihove

The weather calls for comfort and warmth. Both in a form of internal and external cuddles. With many working from home, out will pop slow cookers, pressure cookers and the select will be bringing out the drievoet fire cooking pots.

A TBT thought for me takes me to my granny’s fire hut where multi pots were guaranteed to slow cook simultaneously in the fire while we sat playing in the warm little randavel. In the pots, there would likely be a meal called Tihove, a dish made of maize kernel and peanuts mixed with Nindluwa or Tinyawa. A meal on its own, required no additional garnishing.


Arriving in Jozi a new variant of the meal was introduced in a form of Umgqusho, which is basically samp and sugar beans, a softer version. This version is served with various salads and meats.

Samp and beans

Both variants are simply boiled to the cook’s prefered texture, with a modernised version which includes spices to vary final taste. I am almost certain this meal comes in many other forms, traditionally even outside of our borders as it contains the basic staples.

Furthermore, I am of the opinion that there is no recipe for these kind of meals, you cook it from the heart.

Nindluwa – Bambara groundnuts

Tinyawa – Beans / peas