Weird Humans: Chasing bad weather

In Iceland, an estimated 50,000 spectators have gathered around an erupting volcano, with reports of others using the lava for cooking. This as the lava flows non stop down the Reykjanes Peninsula hill.

The Floor is Lava
A Braai, but on liquid fire

This is not the first or only incident, where adrenaline junkies have gone chasing the bad weather. Here are some moments that have made my tummy tumble in trying to understand this behaviour.

Peter Forister is a storm chaser and works for the NOVA storm chasing (WHAT NOW?). In 2020 he successfully chased a storm which led to a tornado, leading him to capture this tornado in North Carolina:


Storm Chaser and photographer, Lauren Bailey captured this image. tittled Predawn Thunderstorm over El Paso, while on family vacation in Texas:

The above photographs are but many that I found in my fascination with photographers who capture such as generally one would run away from natural disaster, yet they face it all in the name of Muriskis! 

But wait, this gets weird. There are people who literally travel to witness and experience deadly natural distater, with the aim of comin out alive with an image to show and a story to tell.There are tour operators who successfully take risk takers on tours and excursions to witness tornadoes, volcavos as well as storm capturing.

As per first image, people travel all over the world to get as close as possible to a near eruption volcano and get up close with danger.

You can book a tour to many of these sites here: Volcano Tours 

Question of the day, would you do it? how is your adrenaline set up when it comes to adventure travel? Have you done adventure travel and what was your most extreme adventure?