RHOJ: The beatdown of Chrystall Kay

Haybo, Gugu! DJ Tira’s wife; Gugu Khathi, is said to have attacked RHOJ star, Chrystall Kay at a night club. Together with the show’s previous 2 seasons’ star Brinette, the pair are reported to have left the scene where the disagreement started and went to their vehicles to change into more comfortable sneakers before returning to further assault Kay. Looks pre meditated to me!


Gugu is said to have been on brand during the attack as she has previous done similar in the past. Rumour has it that she acts like her husband’s guard and will come for girls who get too excited and try to lure her man’s attention.

The attack happened during filming of season 3, leading to production cancellation. Crew members site the break in production is to allow for Kay to heal, however, as there is a criminal case pending this could lead to the whole season completely cancelled. Kay must go forth with this case, there is no place for bullies and abusers who beat others up.

Gugu has been filming the season as an additional member of the reality show. I wonder if she will still be art of the show after this. Me? I have no desire to watch vile people like her.


You? What’s your though? How was the long weekend for you?