Tues-Cruelty free: Save the bunny!

In South Africa, cosmetic & product testing on animals is legal, with a clause that the testing should not cause the “lab-rat” unnecessary suffering while the animal to be used is still in confinement. So “be nice before you hurt the animal”. This is no surprise as we are barely rated when it comes to protection of our animals, hence it can also be traced to how humanity within the country is seen by those with power. Alas, back to animals, we have seen in 2 high profile cases where an MP had let her pigs suffer or a dairy farm had let their live stock starve to their demise.

What is animal product testing:

Animals are used to determine how a products’ chemicals will affect skin penetration and absorbency, skin corrosion post usage and how toxic the actual product will be on the skin.

To monitor these, chemicals are injected into the host animal which is then monitored over specific periods based on the stage of the product development. However, this in an old, harsh and cruel way for product development as there are now alternative ways to determine these results using science.  Scientific alternatives are both cruely-free and efficient, leaving fewer casualties.

What can I do:

As with everything, it is up to us to protect animals both for their preservation and for future generations before they become extinct.

Choose Cruelty-free. The same way we read labels on foods we consume, we are able to make informed decisions on what we put on our face and body. If it doesn’t say “Cruelty-Free or Not tested on animals”, it probably did cause harm in the making. You can also check if your favorite brand uses animals to test their products.

Although some of our faves are listed, there are still many alternatives and even better products who spare the animals. It is better to check per products, but best that you know which to avoid.

How do you feel about animal testing on the products used? Does it matter to you or it has never been something you thought of?

Happy Tuesday!