TBT Thursday!

Gather around, my agemates. Today is our day. Are dlaleng di TBT!

Who remembers way back when movies could be watched outdoors at night? When things were a little better and the world just a little safer?

And then, for those who could not go to the night time movies but stayed in Jo’burg; particularly the Randburg area; there would be waterfront dates? If you found yourself here, you risked getting stuck in all the fun and missing curfew. Then there would be the Musical Fountain of lights that danced to the sounds of Music being played.

What about the fashion sense? What do you know about hair bands?

And you didn’t think these would be left out when it comes to our fashion, akiri.

Girls with more guts even tried to push these:

Who can tell me what this thing is? I am asking Pupu and her agemates.

This thing made me aware of my voice. I was so traumatised one day after playing back what I had recorded, my embarrassment and disappointment will  remain within my heart.

Have a wonderful day, loves!