Weekend updates

  • Oh no, not King Monada behaving trashy. The Limpopo muso is said to be in trouble for refusing to pay a monthly maintenance fee of R1200. He is currently paying just R500 for his 11 year old. FAFANDRET! Sunday World also reporta that the mommy uses her NSFAS money to supplement the child’s upkeep. That time Monada is always flaunting his flashy foreign luxury vehicles. WTF bazalwane? There is something messy about his kind, sies! I hope they add another digit to the requested amount!

  • Kuyasha Kwa-Zulu. There is just way too much happening in the Kingdom of Zululand. After the tragic loss of the newly throned Queen Mantfombi Shiyiwe Dlamini Zulu, who was on the Throne for Est 1 Month, Queen Sibongile Dlamini has filed papers in court wanting half of her late King’s estate as she is the legal wife. The document filed is 35 pages long and as it includes customary practice and culture, we will let you read for yourself to avoid being unintentionally offensive.

The story gets deeper as during all this there is said to be internal misunderstandings of the throne’s rightful heir.

  • Umjolo really plays dice with Khloe for real. What is Tristan doing to the babe? A woman named Sydney Chase claims that she has been talking to Triston wa Khloe since last November. It seems that Khloe then reached out to Sydney and then sent her a messaging askng that their conversation must remain private. Syd obviously douesn’t listen because the Shade Room posted the message for us to see.

As if not enough, another blabber mouth wanting her 15 minutes butted in. Kimberly Alexander who is allegedly a mother to one of Triston’s children (I know, baby mama what what)then went on a rant . 

So I spent the weekend watching the whole season of Real Housewives of Durban just to see what the noise is about and more to see about the outrage on Mabusi’s treatment. I was not ready for all that drama. I don’t want to spoil the show to those still to watch the finale but would like to discuss in comments. Who’s in?

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Have a good week!