Magazine Covers

Buying and reading magazine has become more about the passion than it is about getting the actual news, these days. This is mainly due to the fast world we live in, by the time a story hits the printers, it has trended on social media and will be tired when the magazine hits the store shelves.

For the old at heart, here are some publications that are still printing.

Rami Chuene covers the April/May edition of TrueLove Magazine. The artist is known for being very vocal about the rights of on-screen actors as well as her amazing work as a soapy actress. The story that caught my eye on the cover is that on Ayanda Ncwane. She shares her journey as a reality star as well as her Music empire. The magazine has been out for a while and is available in store.


Man of the moment, Prince Kaybee covers GQ’s May/June edition. Look all so SWAY, the music producer is said to be the first South African Musician to be featured on the dual cover of the mag. HHHMMMM, aren’t you just breaking boundaries this month, Princey.

When you are at the doctor’s but your mobile phone’s battery is low, you look around and all there is are gardening magazines, tech copies and a store pamphlet. Then under the bulk there is something with a promise of gossip, a Fair Lady magazine. Got my plot? This week, the doctor’s office mag features award winning, British actress Claire Foy.

Just like You magazine, fair lady is filled with content. a read after a read!

For the lover of fine trends, detailed home making who spends just as much time observing leisure activities, the explore. House and Leisure caters specifically in your range. The publication has relaunched, with their first edition right on time for the cozy indoor-sy autumn/winter season.

In more international copies. Thandi Newton covers British Vogue Magazine. I mean I always wondered if Thandi was a Nguni name every time I saw her name. She is featured using her full name Thandiwe.

Keke Palmer showed up for InStyle Magazine!

Do you guys buy magazines? I used to buy if there were samples inside the pack!

Have a good day.