TBT: TV Shows

TBT time a gain. Do you remember any of these shows?

Remember when this man’s movies were all the rage? Would you watch them now?

Sunday evenings were all that for me when 50/50 played. watching animal lives was so educational for me and my brothers / cousins.

The national teacher, William Smith. Man this man must be South Africa’s most adored human. High School years were filled with watching him try hard to make mathematics bearable.

Hempies was my fave from this sitcom. Do you remember it? It was an introduction to Motshabi Tyelele

Mopheme oh the rider, making horse riding a cool sport.

A horror tv show of our time, Lesilo! Did this scare you at all?

Then there was Sdumo. This man carried the South African Comedy industry on his back for an entire era.

He was so funny, he had a meal at Chicken Licken named after him. Who remembers the chicken licken mean that you could even eat a bone of?

Happy memory lane travels!