Monday catch up

Pearl Modiadie is suing Metro FM for ignoring reports of sexual harrassment against her former manager, this while she was a presenter at the station. Sunday World reports that Pearl was left in tears during a show in company of a celebrity guest who was also uncomfortable after the manager’s suggestive comments towards Pearl.


AY, what is wrong with men in media? Do they have no home training?

SK seems to always be in the news for all wrong reasons. The impulsive actor is said to have assaulted a cashier at a garage after a service scuffle. It is said that the cashier had instructed SK to put flowers in a plastic bag and he responded by telling her to do it because that was her job.  I don’t know man, this situation is 2 ways when


it comes to retail workers and their service towards specific demographics, however I do not agree with how it ended.


So rumour has it that alleged fraudster pastor, Bushiri has been sneaking in and out of the country. I am not surprised to be honest, no one is guarding our country and at this stage, I am convinces we are all on our own in all aspects.


Did you guys have a good father’s day, yesterday? Did you spoil the daddies in your lives? Maps shocked a number of followers when he posted a picture of him and his father. It was so funny that tweeps only found out that he was son of legendary footballer, Marks Maponyane. Did you know?