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It's not gossip if it is from the horse's mouth, right? We share hot gossip shared both by the news owners as well as those closest to the situations. In the new age of information, it is not difficult to get updated news on personality but at TOLAH we will go the extra mile and package it for you with a bit of sauce, dissected and spiced!.


Lifestyle and trends

From runways to streetwear, office wear and everyday wear, you won't be disappointed with the plugs available here.  The team will help you put together a look as well as GPS you as to where to get it.  Content for this segment supplied by both guest writers (Hey there Miss Nina) as well as the core team. We will source and package LOOKS for you!

This segment focuses on all things lifestyle and fashion!

Body, Mind and Soul

It's all about you. You as a mommy, daddy, wife, troll and as a professional. This segment is where the stockvel part of the blog is at! A self help corner, DD section where everyone brings their FDS.    We pack away our differences and offer each other an understanding minute. TOLAH has built itself to be more about the people behind the avatars based on this segment!